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A Truck Creates an Amazing Ripple Effect in South Africa

Itipini_truck_-_inside_with_driverWith the help of our many contributors, DFB purchased a truck for the non-profit African Medical Mission (AMM) in Mthatha, South Africa. This truck, or "bakkie", as the locals describe it, is now at the center of a job creation/environmental program that AMM has started in the Itipini Township.

Taking advantage of the township's location on one of the Eastern Cape's largest landfills, the project is a far-reaching plan that employs local men and women to convert discarded wood products into school chairs and desks. The program provides furniture for the kids (who previously sat on the floor in school), jobs for the adults (carpentry and woodworking), environmental benefits (recycling), and it is economically sustainable, as the Mission is already receiving orders for chairs and tables from neighboring villages.

The truck doubles as a delivery vehicle (picking up wood waste and dropping off chairs and desks), as well as providing safe transport for the AMM nurses to provide medical services to surrounding villages. Young people in the community are now being given driving lessons, since more licensed drivers are needed to ferry food and supplies to the village using the truck.


Nurse Jenny McConnachie, who moved to Mththa in 1981 and has devoted the last 30 years of her life to the people of Itipini, describes the donation:

"I really have no words to thank you for this amazing gift. You have no idea how much it is helping us. On Friday - it went as the support vehicle for our pre - school outing...It is spacious, reliable and very smart...We are so grateful. Warmest wishes to you and all your fellow fund-raisers."




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