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Providing Care for Homeless Teens

BridgeforYouth_houseThe Bridge For Youth is the Minneapolis metropolitan region’s only 24-hour program for runaway and homeless youth in a residential setting. Unlike other providers in the community, The Bridge serves not only older homeless youth, but also young runaways, as well as families that are heading into the conflicts that result in teens running away from home.  The Bridge also provides aftercare support services to ensure that youth will not return to a condition of homelessness.  DFB Minneapolis raised $10,000 to provide six months of funding for a nursing outreach program at the center.

 In many cases, the The Bridge For Youth provides the only medical care runaway and homeless youth in Minneapolis receive, and due to budget cuts, this program would most likely have been cut for the coming year without the support of DFB Minneapolis.  In addition, members of DFB Minneapolis offered their professional expertise on a pro-bono basis through the chapter's social venturing program to help The Bridge For Youth digitize its medical management system and to leverage connections with service providers in the community.

Bridge_for_Youth_check_handoffMembers of DFB Minneapolis present the check to The Bridge for Youth




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