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Putting a Diploma within Reach for Low-Income Students

admission_possible_diplomaAmerica's lowest income students earn bachelor's degrees at one-seventh the rate of students whose families earn more than $74,500 per year, and at a third the rate of middle-income students.  By providing low-income students with both the guidance and the basic tools necessary to compete effectively, Admission Possible dramatically improves these students' chances of pursuing higher education and better-paying careers.  Receiving tutoring, test preparation, and assistance with college applications, 98% of students in the program have earned acceptance into institutions of higher learning.

DFB Minneapolis raised $10,000 for Admission Possible to cover the costs of 400 additional students going through the program this year.   And, to ensure that the grant money stretches as far as possible, members of the Minneapolis Chapter helped Admission Possible to negotiate better deals with a few of the vendors that produce books, study guides, and materials used in the program.




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